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SMILE combines the advantages of PRK and LASIK. With ReLEx® SMILE from ZEISS, minimally invasive, flapless surgery is possible for the very first time.

ReLEx SMILE enables to perform the flapless SMILE procedure. Because there is no flap, there are also no flap-related complications. ReLEx SMILE reduces the incidence of infections and epithelial ingrowth while expediting epithelial healing.


Up to 80 % smaller side-cut
Femto-LASIK requires a side-cut of roughly 20 mm. With ZEISS ReLEx SMILE,
a small incision of 2 – 4 mm is sufficient.



Up to 30 % smaller cap incision area
The lamellar incision area is roughly 1/3 smaller compared to Femto-LASIK.

Greater integrity of the upper corneal layers
With SMILE, the majority of the upper corneal layers remains intact. This offers the potential for more biomechanical preservation and stability.


Less incidence of dry eye
Requiring only a small incision rather than a flap, there are fewer transected nerves. Consequently, a significantly reduced incidence of dry eye is likely to be correlated.


With ReLEx SMILE, the entire procedure is performed with the groundbreaking femtosecond laser technology of the VisuMax®.


Accuracy and dependability every time
ReLEx SMILE embodies precision, predictability, reproducibility and perfection. Using the VisuMax, it creates a precalculated lenticule and incision with utmost accuracy and dependability.


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